Want some of the latest news? Join Diego as he discusses some of the latest things that are going on in the world and in pop culture.

Podcast Episode 19-This was historic and no one saw this coming!

Podcast Episode 18-Pay up your loans and Mariah Carey is not giving it back.

Podcast Episode 17-Many are in need of food assistance in Haiti and stars are being vandalized in Hollywood.

Podcast Episode 16-No one enjoys being stranded and you shouldn’t be cheated on.

Podcast Episode 15-There have been scary clown sightings and a Vegas wedding sounds like fun.

Podcast Episode 14-There could be a new law that would ban all abortions and being famous comes with a lot of paparazzi.

Podcast Episode 13-You need to be careful when you’re driving and the heart wants what the heart wants.

Podcast Episode 12-No one should be kidnapped and you should not take something that does not belong to you.

Podcast Episode 11-It’s a good thing people are getting arrested for their wrongdoings and being single is great!

Podcast Episode 10-Natural disasters are occurring in the world and love is in the air…kind of.

Podcast Episode 9-Some people are going through tough times and others are talking about who they have slept with.

Podcast Episode 8-These explosions in Thailand must stop and some concerts can be a drunken mess.

Podcast Episode 7-Sleep with one eye open during your flight and be careful what you send out on Snapchat.

Podcast Episode 6-You can’t trust some people or places and being in a relationship is not always easy.

Podcast Episode 5-All lives matter and I think we should all try to be nice to each other.

Podcast Episode 4-Trust is needed in our world and I have yet to play Pokémon Go.

Podcast Episode 3-Shootings are occurring and some celebrities just got married.

Podcast Episode 2-Let’s all pray for peace and also talk about some celebrities.

Podcast Episode 1-Let’s talk about Donald Trump and let’s also get into some pop culture.

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